Data Acquistion

3D-Point Cloud

Interactive 3D-point-cloud

Set the following parameter:

  • Point budget: 10,000,000 to achieve highest resolution. In case of non-smooth visualizaion, reduce the band-width
  • Eye-Dome-Lighting: Enable
  • Splat Quality: High Quality

Select appropriate Navigation:

  • Earth Control: LMB = rotate; RMB = pan; Scroll = zoom; Left-Double-Click = Jump to position
  • Fly Congtrol: LBM = rotate; RMB = pan; arrow key = move in camera direction
  • Helicopter Control: LBM = rotate; RMB = pan; arrow key = move at constant height above terrain

on behalf of Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und BetriebsgesmbH
in cooperation with Gecko4K

using Potree for interactive 3D-visualization