Enhance your UAV for survey-grade mapping

TheĀ 4DU-Scanner combines the advantages of UAV-based mapping and airborne laser scanning. The system integrates two Hesai PandarXT scanner, a camera system for texture mapping and an Applanix APX-15 GNSS/IMU sensor for precise georeferencing. The system is ready for various topography related applications such as terrain modeling, vegetation mapping, geological mapping, documentation of pit-mining activities, or land slide monitoring, and for high-quality 3D documentation of building facilities, industrial sites, or archaeology.

4D-IT and Applanix Partner on Colour 3D Data Collection Solution

Technical Data

LiDAR System: 2 x Hesai PandarXT
Sampling rate: up to 1,200,000 measurements per second
Ground sampling resolution (mean): ~5 cm @ 50 m flight-height above ground & 5 m / sec. flight-speed