High resolution, survey-grade mapping

The 4DU-Surveyor combines the advantages of UAV-based mapping and high-resolution medium format photogrammetry. The system integrates the world leading digital medium format Phase One iXM-100 camera and the high-performance Applanix APX-18 dual antenna GNSS/IMU positioning sensor. The system is ready for various applications such as mapping industrial sites and buildings, facilities monitoring, terrain modeling or geological mapping.

Technical Data

Camera System: Phase One iXM-100
Resolution: 11,664 x 8,750 Pixel
Lens: Phase One RSM 35 mm
Angle of View: 63.0 x 49.4°
Ground sampling desolution (GSD): ~4.5 mm @ 50 m flight-height above ground
Georeferencing Applanix APX-18 UAV GNSS/IMU (100 Hz position, roll, pitch, heading output)

Download: 4DU-Surveyor-Datasheet