Neptunbrunnen - Schloß Schönbrunn

Object Description

The Neptunbrunnen is located at the foot of a hill behind the palace. It was designed as the crowning element of the Great Parterre. The basin has an overall extension of approx. 100 by 50 meter. On top of two cascade basins, alltogether 5 arrangments of marble sculptures are situated. This highly detailed arrangment of basins, plinths and sculptures has an extension of approx. 30 by 15 meters and the maximum hight is 16 meters above the floor of the main basin.

Data Acquisition

  scanner: Faro Photon 120
  resolution @ object: 3 mm
  nr. scanning pos: 230
  nr. of points: 5 bio.
  operated by: AVD Vermessung ZT GmbH, Austria

Visualization Model

For visualization purposes, the documentation model was reduced and textured. The result including its surroundings (DTM, trees, buildings) is embedded into a gaming engine environment, enabling rendering the model in real-time.

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Documentation Model

The documentation model was generated by triangulation. The whole scene including the basin has approx. 100 mio triangles representing the original point cloud with an accuracy better than 5 mm.

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