Tutankhamun iPhone-App

For the exhibition "Tutankhamun - His Tomb and His Treasures" the sarcophagi and selected objects of the famous Pharaoh have been documentend and reconstructed in 3D. The important finds have been digitized using a Faro Photon Laserscanner of the german company Laserscanning Europe GmbH.

The following images show the processing steps from the 3D point cloud to the accurate 3D-documentation model of a sarcophagus.

Upper: point cloud (left: shaded relief, right: local aspect)
lower: 3D-models (left: triangulation, right: visualization)

Based on the 3D-documentation models, high resolution images textured vidualization models have been determined.

1.Portable shrine with Anubis figure, 2.Figure of the king on a boat, 3.Canopic chest

The visualization models are applicable for displaying at smart devices as well.