Consulting & Service

Data acquisition:

Terrestrial laserscanning, structure from motion, UAV-based platforms - we offer service and consulting for a variety of 3D measurement systems.

Data processing and analysis:

We provide customized solutions for processing, modeling, and visualization of 3D data. Our range of solutions encompasses ...

  • Registration: Transforming of individually measured datasets to a reference coordinate system
  • Adaptive thinning: Reducing your amount of data while restriving richness in detail
  • Modeling: 3D model generation for documentation, analysis and visualization
  • Analysis: Change detection, structure analysis, damage mapping
  • Visualization: Multimedia applications

Customer service:

What is the potential of 3D-models in your field? Have a look at a gallery of selected applications or at selected projects for a choice of possibilities.

Software development:
  • Proven expertise in software design and development enables rapid implementation of your ideas in software solutions.

  • Among others we offer software development for

    • data processing and analysis,
    • modeling and visualisation,
    • application development for smartphones and tablets: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone,
    • Augmented Reality solutions for mobile devices,
    • Web-GIS solutions,
    • ... and much more.